Chapter 1

Bike touring in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany.

First impressions in the Land of Nod, where we cycled trough Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany until the coast of Denmark. From there on we will follow the North Sea route (Eurovelo 12) until Norway.  Because of hardware failure (data crash) a lot of footage is gone, but you still get the idea. Enjoy our first month cycling.


Chapter 2

Bike touring in Denmark (Eurovelo 12 - North Sea cycling route).

Riding along the West coast of Denmark through its endless dunes and dense woods. We were blessed with many deer crossings and glowing sunsets.

Chapter 3

Bike touring in Norway (Eurovelo 12 - North Sea cycling route)

Reinvent yourself. See how Norway gave us ample space, quiet and natural beauty to find peace on our cycle trip through this magnificent country. For now, we have tackled the South and Southwest of the country, but will definitely be back for more routes in the North one day.

Chapter 4

A hike and bike expedition in Iceland.

After 6 months of cycling, Iceland has been the most magical place for us. We combined cycling with hiking & enjoyed this combination a lot. If we want to take more dirt roads the next time around, we ought to go with lighter bikes. We travelled trough Iceland in June and were the lucky ones who could enjoy this wonderful scenery in very good weather conditions. We cycled the South and Southeast part of Iceland and most hiking footage is from the famous Laugavegur trail that starts in Landmannalaugar. We recommend this trail to all of you! For details on the route, check our expedition page for the map.