We have tried out a lot of stuff out there… Via trial and error we get to know the gear that suits our needs best. It all depends on the level of comfort, sturdiness and lightness you are looking for. One tip we can give you that counts for everything: it doesn’t matter wheter you buy cheap or expensive stuff, it all breaks eventually. So think well about what you want to spend your hard earned cash on.

Underneath, we described the gear we used for the first part of the trip. The bold items are our absolute favourites. We changed it up quite a few times, but this description is how we finally liked it ;).

Once the colder months were over, we sent our winter gear from Vancouver to LA.


Yannick’s bike


Front panier 1 - kitchen equipment

  • Primus multi fuel cooking stove: fuel connection has let us down, but for the rest a top stove.

  • Sea to Summit cooking pot, plate, bowl: we just need the cooking pot, we eat out of that together. Downside: the silicon material takes up the odor of your food.

  • Trianga cooking pan

  • Opinel knife

  • Leatherman multitool: we have only used the can opener on it, so not a must. You can buy very lightweight small can openers separately in outdoor stores.

  • Quechua windscreen to put around cooking stove. A nice luxury.

  • Varia in see-through zipper toiletry bag: Sea to summit 2 spoons & 2 forks, tabasco, oil spray, spices, salt and pepper, lighter, holder for pan, sponge, biodegradable soap, cloth.


Front panier 2 - electronics

  • DJI Spark drone & console + 2 extra batteries: we kept it in its original foam box and it transports really good like this.

  • Lifegoods universal travel adapter with 4 USB ports: wouldn’t recommend, too big, falls out of the wall.

  • Extension cord with multiple plugs

  • Ereader Kobo Clara: insane battery life

  • Varia in see-through zipper bag: cords, extra batteries and chargers for camera and go pro, card slots for bank cards, id-reader, charger for drone, charger laptop, sd cards. Our electronics weigh a ton.


Back pannier 1 - varia

  • Macbook Pro laptop 13”: we had a Dell first, but that was no good. This Mac is top notch. Only necessary to take with you if you want to edit videos. We wouldn’t have taken it with us if we had to start over again. Phone is just as good to edit pictures.

  • Lacie Rugged 2TB external hard drive

  • Helinox zero chairs 2x: the biggest luxury we carry, but would’t go without them.

  • Salewa raincoat Yannick (acts as extra padding for laptop).

  • Rainpants Yasmijn (acts as extra padding for laptop).

  • Pharmacy kit: will elaborate later

  • waterproof bag with passports & drivers licenses

Back pannier 2 - food

Staples are: bread, peanut butter, jam, tea, rice & curry sauce or pasta & pasta sauce, cheese, humus, canned fish, tofu, beans, veggie of the day, fruit of the day, cookies, chips, beer of the day.

Tent in the middle of the two back panniers

Big Agnes Tigerwall UL3. Good tent so far, not too much experience with it yet. We had a Hillebereg Nallo 3GT before that. Awesome tent, best of the best, only the zippers became a problem. They got stuck and kind of rough. But Hilleberg gave us top customer service. They disadvised this tent for our daily use as a touring tent.

Handlebar bag - Camera & wallet

Attached to his frame

A Mefoto tripod, hiking poles and extra spokes are strapped to Yannick's frame. Tripod is to have, but weighs a lot extra. Yasmijn can’t go without hiking poles, so a must for us.

Yasmijn’s bike


Back pannier 1 - Yannick’s clothes

All clothes fit in 2 Forclaz stuff sacks, one is used as a pillow with jacket en sweater. Yannick had neck pain on an inflatable pillow and I find it too wobbly.

Upper body

  • 2 Domyos sport t-shirts

  • 1 O’neill Hawaiian short sleeve button shirt, just for kicks

  • 1 REI shirt long sleeve button trekking shirt

  • 1 Icebreaker Merino long sleeve 260

  • Van Rysel wind jacket. Did a top job.

  • Patagonia Techface jacket

  • Peak performance down jacket

  • Salewa raincoat

  • Bike gloves fingerless

  • Simond Sprinter gloves for the colder months

  • Winter hat, later replaced by a Carhart cap

Lower body

  • 2 Patagonia dirt craft bike shorts, used as regular and swimming shorts too. 1 has a liner shorts.

  • 1 Van Rysel bike shorts

  • 1 Btwin long bike leggings for the colder months

  • 3 underpants

  • 3 pairs of socks

  • Quechua light trekking pants

  • Ayacucho Crater Stretch winter trekking pants

  • Shoes Hoka One Torrent

  • Sandals Teva Terra Fi 5

  • Money belt


  • Sea to Summit Tek Towel large

  • Forclaz toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, hair comb, earplugs, toothpicks, eye mask for sleeping.

Back pannier 2 - Yasmijn's clothes

All clothes fit in 2 Forclaz stuff sacks, one is used as a pillow with jacket en sweater.

Upper body

  • 2 Under Armour sports bra’s

  • 2 regular tops

  • Icebreaker long sleeve 200

  • Forclaz merino long sleeve

  • Van Rysel wind jacket

  • Patagonia Hi Loft jacket

  • Simond hybrid jacket

  • Quechua MH 500 rain jacket: over performed Yannick’s first Salewa jacket (not the one above, he got that to replace it), so very good quality for its price.

  • Regular sweater

  • Bike gloves fingerless (but they get so stinky, I don’t really like them)

  • Simond Cascade gloves, Forclaz hat and headband for the colder months
    (I get so cold!)

  • Forclaz neck warmer buff

Lower body

  • Btwin bike shorts 1 short and 1 long for winter

  • Pearl izumi Escape Sugar bike shorts

  • 3 Patagonia underpants

  • 3 pairs of socks + 1 extra warm

  • Forclaz merino leggings

  • Quechua light trekking pants

  • 1 regular skirt

  • 1 pair of running shorts

  • Fjallraven warm trekking pants for the colder months

  • Craft Ride rain pants, didn’t like this one, let’s so much water through.

  • Shoes Nike trail shoes Airzoom 5. Great for hikes off the bike, but the spikes make my feet numb after a while of pedalling. Really sturdy sole though. Before the Nike’s we both had Salomon Outline mid GTX shoes. We don’t advise waterproof GTX shoes as they didn’t breathe and we got really stinky feet in them.

  • Teva Voya Infinity Sandals: good but should’ve ones with sturdies soles. Much more lightweight & fast drying than Yannick’s pair though.

  • Birckenstock Madrid water sandals: super light weight EVA foam, got them for showering, but when I got my sandals, I just used those.


  • Sea to Summit Tek Towel large

  • Jack Wolfskin toiletry bag: refillable 100ml bottles for shampoo & conditioner, biodegradable soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, make up, nail clippers, tweezers, hair ties, foldable hair brush.

  • Small warm water bottle to put at my feet in colder months. A gift from German Warmshower host Fyne.

Blackburn frame bag - tools

  • Patch kit for tires and sleeping pads, multitool, grease for saddles, levers, rim tape, Brooks saddle tool, extra thru axle (Yannick broke his once, cycling without it is not recommended ;) ), extra brake pads.

  • Chain lube squeeze bottle

  • Sunscreen & tissues

  • Camelbag

  • Mini air pump

  • Para cord (for hanging food in trees or as clothes line)

Btwin pouch

  • Snacks

  • Go pro

  • Lezine Bike lights

Patagonia bag - personals

  • glasses & sunglasses

  • wallet

  • phone

  • Land of Nod cards

  • pen & paper

  • charger cords

Ortlieb back pack - sleeping stuff

  • 2 Simond Makalu thick sleeping bags

  • Thermarest Venture sleeping pad Yannick. He’s had it for years and it’s excellent.

  • Nemo Vector sleeping pad Yasmijn: really disadvise this pad. It got so many micro holes and in the end it started showing big bump. Even the replacement one died after a week’s use. Changed to REI Airrail Plus self-inflating pad and love it so far.

  • 2 Quechua sleeping bag liners


If you have any questions, pop us an email!