Currently in: Los Angeles, Ca, USA

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Where are we hitting the road & dirt?

Seeing as exploring is our main focus, we don’t have a fixed route. We want to listen to local people’s advice and let the route grow organically. Planning this whole thing would be impossible anyway. Armed with two mobile phones and Ride with GPS + the Komoot app, we bravely pedal onwards.

Of course, we did brood on a bit of a plan! We’re not that lazy...


The 31st of March 2019 we are leaving at our front door in Antwerp (Belgium) to cycle north. Going through the Netherlands & Germany, the route will take us to the border of Denmark, where we will start to follow the North Sea bicycle route. At the most northern tip of Denmark we plan to take a ferry to Norway. Still following along the coastline, Bergen is our final stop before we head off to Iceland on June 3rd. Hoping that the weather gods will spare us, we will feast our eyes on this magnificent island for 3 weeks.

A new chapter begins in Canada, Vancouver, where we leave Europe behind. To satisfy our National Parks Urge Syndrome, (NPUS it’s a real thing) we will be follow the Pacific Coast to explore the beauty of Washington, Oregon and California.


Our second love, hiking, gets to be the protagonist on the next leg of this trip. We will focus on the best hikes Latin America has to offer and travel by public transport. Countries we will tackle: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.


After escaping winter in the Northern hemisphere we will return to Europe to cycle for 6 more months! On our bucket list we have: the Compostela route and Italy, plus surrounding countries such as Portugal, Morocco, Slovenia, Croatia and Albania. We want to go off road as much as possible and will switch to a super light set up! If you have any suggestions about beautiful back country roads, please send us an email in the contact form.

Stay tuned ;).

Map 1: Europe


Map 2: North America