Last days in Oregon


August 11, 2019

After visiting Crater Lake, we started making our way back to the pacific Coast again. It was a lovely quiet day on the road in the wild wild west. Beautiful Oregon let us ride passed wineries and fields of weed. When a road was blocked, we stopped to ask some advice at a winery. We met Denise and Bill who invited us to join them for a glass. We gladly sat down in the music and wine filled garden.


We shared a campground with a father and his son that night, seeing as a cheap hiker biker spot was not available.

The next day wasn’t as easy. We had to cycle the terribly busy Redwoods Highway, there was no alternative. The road was not really known to have cyclists, so we found it kind of dangerous. It was a lot of climbing on S-curves without any shoulder and drivers showed no mercy. We tried hitchhiking, but there was no easy spot for cars to stop. Americans are very wary people, so they probably woulnd’t have taken us anyway. We started pushing our bikes up after a while, walking in the ditch to have less chance to be hit. It was super hot in the afternoon, the sun was eating at us. We stopped in the next town Selma to try and find a ride out of there. It was getting later and later and people told us not to linger here as it wasn’t safe due to drugs and homeless people. Heavily armed police was patrolling around. We finally found a ride with a woman in a pick up truck. We thought she was alone, but she said her husband would be joining us. So they helped us get the bikes and ourselves in the back of the pickup truck and both got in the trash laden car. The woman was going in our direction as she worked further up the road as a lion caretaker in a reserve. We were so happy with the ride and the welcome breeze on our faces. The woman had moved some stuff in the back of the truck so we could sit there. When we got out, Yannick checked if we hadn’t left anything behind. He lifted up the small carpet i sat on and saw a gun lying there. I had no idea that i was sitting on a fire arm that whole bumpy ride! Gun safety much?


When we said our goodbyes, the couple warned us not to linger here either. This town was worse than the previous they said, that’s why they moved up one town. “They will rob you for everything you got.” Great. The state park didn’t let us camp overnight, so we cycled on to the “Laughing lama" campground. Sounded good to us. The proprietor probably didn’t expect more company that night, because he was already veeery high. He gave us a beautiful spot under some apple trees next to a creek though, and we got a free yoga class in the morning from the wife. Awesome. We needed that in the morning to peacefully wake up. We heard gun shots and screaming during the night, so we weren’t as relaxed as the people spending their night in RVs. ;)

Yannick had saved the day once more and had talked to some Dutch campers near us. They were able to drive us all the way up to the coast. The Dutch couple is travelling around with a huuuuge camper and a pickup truck for a year. Lucky for us, they were just going for a day outing to the Redwoods.

Locals had really disadviced us plenty not to cycle to Cresent City. They said we were nuts for cycling here and didn’t really understand what we were doing…

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