Land of Nod is a place of far-off wonder- & wanderment. Sounds good, right?

We got to know the concept of the Land of Nod by accompanying a friend to a play. It took us to a world where unnecessary jobs, unspoken miscommunication, the energy of rebels & love were played in loops in the backdrop of a grand museum room. This lead to hilarious, exhilirating, but mostly dreamy & melancholic scenarios. It shows how art can offer consolation to man, often not able to handle the task of life, being confused by his duty vs. instinct. Epiphanic stuff.

But wait, it gets even more biblical! This compares to Cain being exiled by God to the land East of Eden, to the Land of Nod. He was sent away to lead a wandering existence in the unknown, where he would no longer remain under the protection of God. It gave Cain the possibility to found his own empire, free on constraints, albeit in a harsh environment. "Nod" (נוד) is the Hebrew root of the verb "to wander" (לנדוד). Therefore, to dwell in the Land of Nod is usually taken to mean that one takes up a wandering life.

To be able to leave the golden cage these days is a privilege. We are curious about what is like to wander East of Eden. We decided to make our years-long dream come true. Each with a loaded bicycle, we are leaving behind our comfy home in Belgium for an unforeseeable time. We chose this way of travelling as it is eco-friendly, cheap and it lets you move at a slower pace than how you usually travel. It requires you to think about your possessions, what you really need & how to travel as light as possible. It allows you to muse & let you be you. You are encouraged to explore the unexplored & take the sidetrack, where no van has gone before. This way, we hope to encounter inspiring landscapes, beings, projects & stories.

The Land of Nod is a place where you can take the time to discover different opinions & lifestyles than the ones we are used to everyday. Too often, we are crammed in one place, one routine, one group, not stimulating variety & creativity.

Accompany us on our journey and lets Nod off together.

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The team

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Who are we?

Who are you? Who is anyone? That’s food for a different blogpost.

To lift a bit of the veil, let’s keep some of the mystery here, we shall present ourselves semi-modestly.

As humans, we used to have jobs, but have now chosen to live without an income. It can be choice too. A daunting one, but you get used to it. We did give ourselves new, unpaid jobs. Besides pedalling everyday, we both love fiddling with cameras. From now on, Yannick is a self-proclaimed drone pilot & video editor, while I will be editing our photography work and write about stuff we see. Land of Nod Productions, yeah. We might have to combine this with more coffee after our bike rides, maybe. Go team!

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Yannick Leroy

Yannick is the best soccer player in the world, and that is an opinion not blinded by love, of course. I do envy his legs when it comes to cycling, although I probably couldn't pull off the look. Outside of the soccer field, he’s, what I call, a cheffie and is the best cook out of the two of us. Where I have more experience in the lean mean vegan cuisine, he’s your go to guy for a real burgundian feast. Next to our comfy couch, I think we will be missing our big stove the most of all household luxuries.

The second big thing I need to add if you want to know Yannick a bit, is that he is a serious victim of Fomo. He will probably suffer some withdrawal symptoms while we are disconnecting. We used to overload our planning anyway, so a wide open agenda will gives us some much needed breathing room to slow down.

I learned everything I know about bike touring from Yannick, as he already did a trip with a friend in the Middle East and cycled from Iran to Oman. (You can watch his rad video here). He helped me set up my bike and gear. I have to admit I had to stop him from buying every gadget in the universe, but we’re pretty decked out now. Read more about our gear here. Together, we have done some small cycling trips of a couple of weeks in France, Germany & Austria. Because we had such a great time, it was a no-brainer to extend this to a long trip.


Yasmijn Soete

I find it hard to write about myself, so I asked Yannick what I should share. There’s things you would rather not know, believe me. For example, I have to eat a lot on the bike to not fall off or get overly hangry. I’m also not very trained to leave on this trip. I imagined working out every day, but that was just a ridiculous plan as it turned out. I will just have to suffer the first couple of months and become a beast later. Besides cycling, I am a die hard body pump fanatic. It sounds dirtier than it is, it’s mainly lifting weights in a group.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of animals. Yannick will have to keep an eye on me so I don’t pet and/or adopt every dog or other fuzzy being that crosses our path. I actually wanted to take a dog on this trip, but I bravely decided to wait another year or so before we get one.

Lastly, cudos to all the solo female travellers out there. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Not only would I be too chicken for it, I also suck at reading maps. If it’s not for Yannick, I would probably end up in China instead of Argentina.

Random fact to close with: don’t give me tequila. It never ends well.